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Prosthetics: Right now there are duplicates of prosthetics for people that need them kept in Med Bay. Bruce Banner is going to need to keep up with those: commission more to be made or to remind people its okay to come in and replace parts of or the whole of theirs.

FOXDIE: The FOXDIE virus is a metal gear thing that was brought in by Solid Snake and anyone with genes (whether they're a clone or have them as a part of their nanotech) will be at risk of heart-failure. There's a cure for vanilla FOXDIE stored in the infirmary, and a copy of the virus if needed for future plot.

Biodyne Pathogen: Doc Yewll left some of her notes on her own virus she'd used during the Pale Wars, which was a disease spread through infected food. Humans that consumed the food became violent to themselves and anyone around them. Treatment details were included.

Cloning: Treating the clone of Shepard was successful, but required her to go into cryo for a while. Liquid Snake and Solid Snake, to be cured of their accelerated aging, can be given their own versions of the cure. To keep with the theme I'm keeping that any other people with accelerated aging in their DNA can use a customized treatment similar to theirs and need at least a day in cryo.

Map: Doc Yewll recieved a holodisk from Nico Robin when she left. She'll be leaving it with Ratchet since she likes him and trusts his intentions.

Protoform: She'll leave some protoform samples so if anyone needs som new organs or more functionality for cybernetic parts, they'll have an easier time of producing more of it.

Medi-gel: The cloned Shepard gave Doc Yewll some Medi-gel for the infirmary.

Medicinal Flowers: In the gardens there's a section of medicinal plants that Doc Yewll's been collecting from various stops since the start of the game, including some extremely rare survivors of Cadacus Primary. There's a number of Votan flowers as well, and some left by a couple of potion makers. Dorian has some in there too. Here is the info on the gardens. Extraction procedures for the medicinal plants would be available on MID for Med Bay personnel.

Ploiatos: Doc Yewll saw many of Ploiatos's victims. She knows that more observers the better with him, and two touches can kill. People with the scars are noticing occasional movement in those scars and find themselves waking up in front of Ploiatos's room. Her current request is for brain scans for Tali and Clone Shep to check for abnormalities.

Generator: I don't know what happened with the generator but she asked people to contribute to the construction of one to help with people that need warm settings.
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Player Name: Glazed
Are you 16 or older: Yes
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Current Characters: N/A
Tag: meh yewll

Name: Meh Yewll
Canon: Defiance
Canon Point: After the episode "My Name is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You".
Age: Inconclusive, as she's a genetically grown construct, but she's an adult.

Meh Yewll came to Earth aboard a fleet of Arks carrying refugees from a doomed star system, a number of alien races dedicated in cooperative effort to preserve their species and cultures. Their intention was originally to terraform a new planet to inhabit, and they reached Earth as invaders. The conflict they initiated was called the “Pale Wars” and she served as a scientist aboard one of the Arks and performed wartime experiments on people. Some of those experiments included involvement on the Biodyne project with fellow Indogene Eren Niden (meant to exploit human's love of junk food by introducing a virus) and in the creation of Indo-sapiens (Indogene double agents disguised as humans).

During this time her loving marriage to the Indogene woman, Lev, began to suffer because her guilt in her actions began to isolate her. Lev carried her own guilt and began to feel abandoned, and eventually committed suicide. Meh Yewll felt upset for her loss for years to come, but eventually blocked the memory of finding Lev's body from her mind because she simply couldn't process it.

She wanted to atone for her crimes in the Pale Wars, to help people again, so she went to the community of Defiance after its founding and began to work as a doctor. While she was there, she met Nicolette Riordon (the mayor and an Indo-sapiens), and Solomon Birch (a human), who shared their plans to help build a better world. She at first agreed with them, but they fell out of her favor when it became clear that they wanted to destroy the planet, and after Nicolette killed Hunter Bell to protect her identity as an alien.

She continued to work in the town, and was still there after Irissa and Nolan arrived in the village. She treated Irissa for a gunshot wound, and when the Volge (a highly aggressive race of Votans) attacked she helped create a weapon to wipe them out and stop their progress. She continued her service from there, her identity secure, until former astronaut and American hero McClintock is retrieved from an Arkfall (when one of their abandoned ships crashes to Earth) and is found to be an Indo-sapiens. She tried to hide the truth about him but when he realized that he was not human he panics. She was about to be questioned by Nolan on the matter when a plague breaks out, and she had to dedicate herself to stopping it.

Nicolette Riordon showed up again after Solomon Birch's death, approaching her once more to try and solicit her help in finding a Kelavar (a key to an ancient Ark brain) called the Golden Knot and shares her plan for a perfect Votan world. Instead, she killed Nicolette as humanely as possible, framed it as a suicide, and adds the admission to her suicide not that she was the one to kill Hunter Bell.

She kept the Golden Knot in her safe, but curiosity drew her to pull it out and experiment on it. When it became clear the other Kelavar was in Irissa, she tried to remove it. Only the Kelavars (and Irissa) proved a dangerous combination. The Earth Republic caught wind of what she had and decided they wanted it as a weapon. They found it by cutting off her finger to get it out of her safe and forcing her to put the knot inside of Irissa, and she was glad that whatever attacked her happened again, allowing Irissa to escape ERep forces.

After this, to keep their secret Yewll was sent to the ERep prison Camp Reverie. She began to plan an escape with Datak Tarr (a Castithan Gangster from Defiance imprisoned at the same time), Niles Pottinger (the new ERep mayor of Defiance) showed up to offer her her finger back with the promise she could return to Defiance and replace it so long as she worked for him. She invited Datak Tarr to come back with her as an assistant, hoping that they could keep each other alive and because she'd come to think of him as a friend.

Niles wanted to seduce Amanda Rosewater (the former mayor of the town) by having a duplicate made of Kenya Rosewater (her missing sister and former owner of the town's brothel). She worked on this project, her medical practice, and encouraged Datak to make up with his family after he became obsessed with the old Castithan ways and wrecked his home. The Kenya project led to the accidental finding of Ego devices in the necks of both Pottinger and herself. She began to have hallucinations of Lev, remembered what happened to her, and then was unwilling to remove the device in herself because she didn't want to let her go.

Kenya Rosewater was returned but her identity as an Indo-sapien was quickly discovered. Yewll's role in the plot was revealed, but Niles' was not. She had to approach Datak Tarr to find a hiding place in the mines, in old St. Louis. After her food stores went dry she had to make her way to the surface, but became lost and discovered the Ark that the Kevalars were meant to control, Kaziri. The Kaziri attempted to convince her to allow the terraforming, via controlling her hallucination of Lev, so she finally removed the Ego device in her neck. She retrieved brain fragments from its AI core, found her way to the surface, and turned herself in to the ERep because she wanted to stop the Kaziri.

She had to lie to Amanda to protect herself from Niles, but insisted that he'd owe her later. Nolan didn't allow her plan to go through, knocking her and Niles out and cuffing Amanda Rosewater. Nolan's plan worked, and when she came to she returned alone to her clinic.

Later the ERep forces pulled out completely, weakened by the obliteration of New York. The town lost access to its Gulanite minds after the Kaziri Ark collapsed, and Meh Yewll wished to leave the city of Defiance to pursue a life out west. She saved up money gambling, but then Amanda Rosewater talked her into staying as the town's only doctor.

Later two members of a race called the "Omec" landed on Earth, a people that engaged in harvesting and slaughter of all the other Votan races. Yewll tried to warn Nolan and Amanda of the Omec, but instead they cooperated with them fully for the sake of getting Gulanite that the Omec could reach but the miner's couldn't. To the point that they cut a hunk of skin off the screaming woman as they held her down.

Meh Yewll bore a surprisingly small grudge for it- she did eventually forgive Amanda as holding no life above another (and the fact she had a crush on Amanda made that easy for her to do), but she did remain fearful of Amanda and Nolan and trusting them after that. When Datak Tarr was later cornered for his role in assisting a Votanis rebel intending to slaughter the town (under diress), she attempted to help him escape.

When Rom Tak (said Votanis rebel) arrived at Defiance to attack, she hatched a plan to destroy his forces. She needed someone to use as bait, and backed the suggestion of Datak Tarr, knowing he would likely find a way to survive. It would be after this episode that she would return, but not before seeing Datak alive again.

Meh Yewll has a wry, sarcastic sense of humor, seeming not to take any conflict towards her seriously. In fact, more often than not she seems to be irritated with people that pressure her rather than sensitive to it. She's shown this many times when cornered, and even when afraid for her life she still feels the need to be brutally honest. She's done things like this when cornered by the ERep, Nolan, and even beyond Kindzi's mind control in later seasons. She wears very typical and not particularly form flattering Indogene fashion if left to her own devices, and for a woman of small stature carries herself as if she's very tall, frequently crosses her arms, and is prone to her own brand of cocky swagger. She uses nicknames as labels for people. Her medical practice makes use of botany as much as it does higher technology, and she has a room filled with fresh plants that she grows for medicinal purposes.

Indogenes are typically atheists and while Meh Yewll seems no difference, apparently was at one time able to refer to gods in poetic context. The loss of Lev made her different and took away this sensitive side (or at least her willingness to display it to other people). Though she also swore at the Omec, referring to them as demons, able to call upon her poetic nature to add salt to her insults. While she feels very passionately, filled with both love, guilt, dedication, and empathy, she's also closed off. She is also able to turn off her emotional responses to cruel actions while committing them, even if she feels the pain of it later. She will also not do them voluntarily, but under extreme duress. To make her hunt for the Omec, Kindzi put a mind control stem in her neck. To make her produce a clone to manipulate Amanda, Pottinger promised to get her out of the disgusting gulag she was trapped in and return a severed body part.

Generally she wants to atone for her past crimes, help people, and do what she can to help build a better world, but people have kept using her for misdeeds despite her better efforts. On many occasions her ingenuity has saved Defiance though (and she will be coming in directly after one of those occasions). She never lets people get close to the side of her that finds this a priority; only Datak has ever heard her sound desperate as she admits that he's her only friend, and another time admits to him her crush on Amanda Rosewater. She's loyal to a point, if she's gravely threatened she won't sacrifice herself (unless the whole planet is at stake). But she will quietly resent whoever is holding her well-being over her head. At the end of season three, she does make this sacrifice as becoming a part of the Omec ship, though she'd be taken before that point in canon. She's steadfastly dedicated to her causes, though, and will fight any medical threat with all of her attention. She seems to have no significant personal life outside of her job, even, throwing herself entirely into her work.

Her abrasive attitude makes it difficult for her to have traditional friends, but she has people she likes and likes to be around. This makes people less sympathetic towards her in situations that were actually trials for her to go through, often leaving her alone to deal with the consequences. Primarily she's romantically and sexually attracted to women, usually of the bright and confident variety. She openly tells the Omec woman Kindzi that she's not attracted to men. Species probably plays little role in this as she repeatedly states her admiration for Amanda. She actually isn't very easily intimidated by hostile people, and it takes something significant to sway her, but she is intimidated by being physically threatened (even if she'll still ridicule someone doing it). She doesn't like blind idealism when it's obviously stopping people from looking at the bigger picture (or searching for the whole truth). She is bitey and snappish with people she finds annoying. When she loses someone she internalizes a great deal of heartbreak, which she keeps hidden because of how closed off she is and a desire not to risk her emotions by letting someone else get close. She at one point tells Datak that she can't stand to watch him die.

She will be dedicated to helping the crew on board, though she will most certainly be mouthy and superficially unappreciative. If she makes friends, she will be mouthy (if fond) of them as well.



An Indogene is an artificial being originally grown on Casti for Omec use. As an Indogene, she has the mind of a computer and the ability to interface with one. She also has cybernetic parts.


Indogenes heal faster than humans, and without scarring. They're meant to regenerate tissue quickly so it could be harvested. Injuries to still hurt a great deal, but Meh Yewll was able to reattach a finger lost months before, and grow back a hunk of skin removed from her in a matter of days.

She's studied a great number of fields and has been used to construct weapons out of ark reactors and stasis nets, and had experience in overriding a ship. She's removed ark tech from human bodies and as a doctor has combated illnesses ranging from plagues to parasites. During the war, she developed biological weapons and helped design Indo-Sapiens.
physical weakness
She's artificial but not incredibly strong. She can use a gun, but she would rather cower and run. She's no good for throwing a punch and during the heat of a fight when she could no longer talk her way out of it, would stutter her way through.
She is sassy and unfriendly to a fault. She has no concept of bedside manner. She can even be verbally cruel if she dislikes you, and to have a reaction of genuine concern someone has to be gravely ill or they'll be treated as blandly as anyone else.
single piece black cover dress single piece undergarment knee high black boots fingerless gloves scrip (money)
SAMPLES Network Sample:
[Meh is on the screen, arms crossed, looking unhappy, or as unhappy as her reptilian features will let her accomplish.] Alright. So. Since apparently your parents didn't properly educate you, lets emphasized the importance of washing your hands. [Like some futuristic school teacher, she turns on a holographic image and gestures to it, and continues on in her explanation in her best patronizing, irritated tone.]

When someone decides to go planetside and tromp around in areas they don't belong in, sometimes they touch plants they shouldn't. And when they touch those plants without protective gloves which is a big no no in itself, and then without making an effort to clean up later, these lovely people have an allergic reaction.

So you see this giant, swollen puss-filled hand? Yeah, that thing that's going to make your side-job as inter-dimensional burger flipper hard for you later.

Don't end up like that. You don't want it to happen. I don't want to have to have to treat it, you don't want to feel it, and I'm pretty sure that the babes on the bridge won't want you frisking around the ship's equipment with your fingers looking like Oscar Meyer wieners.

I hope this has been educational.

Prose/Action Sample: Thisavrou Test Drive


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 ►EYES: Grey/Blue and ringed with black
 ►HAIR: None
 ►SKIN: Grey and scale textured, black lips
 ►HEIGHT: 5'2''
 ►SPECIES: Indogene
 ►WORLD: When the Votans discovered their star system was dying, they build a group of ships called the arks that would carry chosen survivors away. They meant to terraform and settle Earth, and met with resistance- initiating the Pale Wars.

The wars ended when the Defiant Few threw down arms and a faction from either side chose not to fight. Votans settled among humans and they began to rebuild together. Many human dominated areas are run by Earth Republic, and many Votan dominated areas are a part of the Votanis Collective. The two governments are at odds.

The polar ice caps have melted and it's said that Antarctica is now paradise. Many cities are underwater and some of their remnants are just above the surface. Defiance itself lies above the ruines of St. Louis, and the arch still exists. There's a combination of both limited resources and global recovery, as well as advanced technology.
 ►ABILITIES: She's a very capable doctor, fantastic at diagnosis and treatment (if not particularly good at bedside manners). As an Indogene she can absorb information quickly and learn to speak most languages fluently.


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